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KnifeIndia is your one point shop for the best knives in India - Hunting, Chef's, Tactical, Outdoors, Gifting, Multi-tools and Accessories!

Knifeindia is an endeavour by Windlass Online Stores to provide the knife enthusiasts in India a wide variety of knives , multi toolkitchen knife set & kitchen accessories sourced from top brands all across the world. Our range includes an array of Trekking & Camping Knives, Hunting Knives, Survival knives, Self Defence utilitiesKnife SharpenerFlash light and a lot more. In addition to being the exclusive India distributors of some of the top names like "Cold Steel", we also stock products from some of the top most knife brands in the world like Victoronox, Muela, Gerber, Ka-Bar, M-tech, TAC-FORCE, Leatherman, Windlass etc. Browse through our catalog, you can directly order by paying online or also make a cash on delivery order. In case you would like us to bring some models please Contact Us.

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I own several knives, so I know a good one from a bad one. Compared to the other expensive ones I own, I would say this one is remarkable. Although not big in size this would be a good knife to carry as a self defense tool or an EDC to open packages and similar tasks. The sheath is made of nylon which is olive green colour and cant complain about it for the price. The Velcro holding the knife in place could have been better. The fire started is good as well. For the price you cant go wrong. Regarding the quality, I have to abuse the knife only then I can tell. Hope it does well. The knife is not razor sharp, but sharp enough to do the daily work. Who cares anyway regarding sharpness just sharpen yourself :).
Aravinthan - Customer Feedback - Camp Tanto With Fire Starter

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