Camping Knives at their best

A knife is a tool; you use different tools for different jobs. If it comes down to a survival situation you can do a lot with any knife. But, if you go out for camping with any knife or any tool your options open up greatly.

The best camping knife, if you ask 100 people you’re going to get 100 different answers. There’s no one knife, there are a wide variety of knives out there. From small pocket folding knives to large fix blade machete size knives and all shapes and sizes in between.


The Swiss Army knife is still one of the most popular choices because it’s so versatile. Most of them have two blades, screwdriver, cap lifter, can opener, and a small screwdriver.

A small fixed blade knife for camping can resolve small requirements of cutting but if you’re going into a heavy brush area you may need to carry a machete or a larger camp knife with which to knock down some brush.

Carrying a small fixed blade knife can be useful for cutting, slicing and kindling. This can be used to help build an emergency shelter or a fire; a knife can be used to clear a path or dig a hole. A good knife, in short, can save your life.

I hope this blog will help you choose the right knife for your needs! Remember that choosing the best knife for the job will go a long way in getting the job done quickly, efficiently, and safely.

Tarun Tripathi