Essential Kitchen Knives

Selecting knives for your kitchen is an important decision, they should be feasible for you to use them every day, whether you’re chopping, peeling, slicing, or dicing.

Wisely selected range of kitchen knives makes every slicing, dicing, chopping and cutting task easier, more efficient and fun.

A good starting kitchen knife should include the following types of knives:

Paring Knife: A paring knife is a small utility knife that’s particularly useful for doing more delicate jobs, like removing eyes from potatoes or stems from tomatoes, or even hulling strawberries. It`s ideal for cutting smaller, more delicate fruits, such as strawberries and plums, as it does not damage the flesh of the fruit.


Chef’s Knife It`s a hardworking knife which is used for most tasks, such as dicing, slicing, cutting meat and chopping herbs. Overall, there is a nice gentle curve to the blade which lends itself to a good rocking motion on the chopping board which ensures (with some practice) that at least one part of the blade is in contact with the board every time. This makes fine chopping herbs and other task easier.

Bread Knife: A bread knife is a long, thin, serrated knife that will slice through the softest brioche or the crunchiest country loaf like a hot knife through butter. And without smashing your lovely loaf of bread on its way. Bread knives have a very fine edge for cutting hard and soft crusted breads. Most come with a serrated edge to make slicing easier and have a blade length of ten inches.


Your knife selection should be a reflection of what happens in your kitchen, but you will also have an intuitive reaction to different brands of knives. KnifeIndia offers a wide range of genuine kitchen knives and other accessories from many well known brands such as Victorinox, Ghidini etc.

Tarun Tripathi