History of Victorinox Knives

Victorinox was founded in 1884 by the Swiss pioneer Karl Elsener. Based in the town of Ibach, Switzerland Victorinox is one of the greatest knifemanufacturer. ‘Victorinox’ is made up of two words; ‘Victoria’ and ‘inox’, Victoria being the name of the mother of the founder and inox being the french term for stainless steel.
(Victoria + Inox = Victorinox)

On 30th January 2013, Victorinox annouced integration of Wenger (another official supplier of Swiss army knife, Victorinox had acquired in 2005) to strengthen its position internationally.
The Swiss army knife is the best known Victorinox product. This Victorinox knife is widely used outside the army as well. These Victorinox knives are multifunctional, and many sizes and functional combinations are produced.

The use of these Victorinox knives is not restricted only to the army but is widespread. The NASA astronauts keep a Victorinox knife as a standard equipment. Victorinox knives are also taken by explorers to places like Mt. Everest and Arctic.

Victorinox manufactures pocket, household and professional knives and due to great quality and strength, they are highly dependable.

Sarthak Gupta