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Coghlan is recognized as the world leader in outdoor camping accessories and has built its reputation on the core values of product quality and innovation. KnifeIndia is privileged to present Coghlan utilities to people who remain outdoors or involve themselves in camping.

KnifeIndia’s collection of Coghlan camping tools includes Magnesium fire starters, pack axe and flint starter. The fire starter kit is made of magnesium that acts as a flame source of 5,400°C which provides sufficient shavings to start fires quickly and with minimal effort. The axe is designed with a non-slip rubber grip that provides extra comfort when using it.

The Coghlan utilities are made from the finest materials including magnesium, carbon, stainless steel, etc. The Pack Axe is an indispensable tool for campers, backpackers, hunters and other outdoor enthusiasts who require a rugged, functional, and space-saving axe. The Flint starter is fireproof in solid form and works just as well when wet.

The Coghlan outdoor utilities are perfect for all outdoor activities like backyard, camping, hunting, fishing, etc. These are also perfect to be a part of your travel kit wherever you go; they just might help you when you are in a sticky situation!

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