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Indian Wedding Sword - Design 2 - 24K Gold Plated

Indian Wedding Sword - Design 2 - 24K Gold Plated
Rs 32,995.00
Rs 32,995.00
Rs 32,995.00

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Our second design in the Indian wedding swords collection showcases a lion chasing and about to devour a galloping rabbit. The handle is beautifully designed with floral leaf patterns on the sides. A different leaf pattern runs on the neck of the handle further enhancing its beauty.

The corners of the hilt are spherical – on one of these corners rests the forelegs of the galloping rabbit with its hind legs in almost in the lions mouth.The blade of the sword is beautifully etched with an intricate pattern running across the length of the blade. A tastefully designed scabbard decorated with the top, bottom and middle ornamental pieces bring about the magnificence of this sword. Sword belt buckles are provided on the scabbard which makes the sword easy to wear with any traditional sword belts or wedding ensembles.

The sword can be selected with a scabbard colour of Red, Blue or Green that we offer as standard but can also be customised to match your requirements as per your taste or requirements. There is also an option of a stainless steel blade with etching or a Damascus blade. You can also order a custom colour sword box .

The Sword measures about 38 inches overall and weighs about 1.8 KG.

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Rs 32,995.00

Additional Information

Color Red
Material Stainless Steel/Damascus
Weight (Kg) 1.7900
Height 38 inches
Width 1 1/8 inches
Length Blade length: 30 1/2 inches, Handle length: 7 2/3 inches, Blade thickness: 1/8 inches
Brand Windlass
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