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Rs 34,999.00
Rs 34,999.00
Rs 34,999.00

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With the intention of perfectly recreating the beauty and elegance of the Sunseeker, Collector's Heritage presents you with the perfect model. Scaled and finished to perfection, you will notice even the minute details on this model to be identical to the real thing. The only real difference is that it cannot sail the seas! Measuring 85 cm in length, the Sunseeker is the epitome of sunny afternoons, cold margaritas and the good life. Designed with an almost pure white build, the Sunseeker stands out from the rest owing to its golden accents and rich hardwood decks. Painted in pristine white, the elegant and spotless charm of the Sunseeker is what sets it apart and makes it a great collectible. It looks good no matter where you display and is the crowning glory of your collection.

With Collector's Heritage, you no longer have to worry about quality or design as we take care of it all. Apart from choosing high quality materials and expert craftsmen, we put meticulous effort into every single detail. When you purchase the Sunseeker from us, you can be assured of quality and authenticity. As a personal collectible and a gift item, there is no better model to purchase than the amazing, elegant and vivacious Sunseeker.


Additional Information

SKU B-12
Weight (Kg) 4.4000
Material Wood, Resin etc.
Height 38 cm
Width 32 cm
Overall Length 97 cm
Mechanism N/A
Brand Collectors Heritage