About Us

"KnifeIndia is your one point shop for the best knives in India – Hunting, Chef's, Tactical, Outdoors, Gifting, Multi-tools and Accessories"


Knifeindia is a brand of Windlass Online Stores Private Limited which is a subsidiary of the Windlass group of companies. Windlass group - established in 1942 to manufacture Gurkha Khukris for the British armed forces in India has vast experience in exposure to fields of knives, blades and post its acquisition of the Toledo sword makers Marto and Barmejo is the largest sword manufacturer in the world.

Knifeindia was started in the year 2014 and has since seen tremendous growth in all statistical figures demonstrating the growth of the company. The main vision of the company is to provide Indian consumers with the largest variety of knives of all types and brands including but not limited to fixed blades, folding blades, kitchen, cutlery, multi utility tools, sharpeners, accessories etc. Needless to say we strive hard to provide excellent services to the consumer.

So go ahead and browse through the wide collection of knives on our website. Being a new company we are constantly working to improve our offerings and services. In case you need to order a particular brand or a knife please feel free to contact us via email on sales@knifeindia.com

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