KnifeIndia offers knives, multi tools and accessories for all major brands in the world that are renowned for their quality. They are having their audience around the world because of the high number of satisfied people.

At knifeIndia, we are dealing with leading Brands for self defense like Cold Steel, Muela, Victorinox, Boker, Kabar, Windlass, USMC, Tac-force, Accusharp, Cattleman Cutlery, Master Cutlery and many more.

Brand name develops by the time and highly depends on the materials used in the manufacturing of their respective products. Here at KnifeIndia we offer the utilities for self defense, law enforcement, movie props, etc., Which are made from materials like carbon steel, stainless steel etc. which do not deteriorate with the time.

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  1. Coghlans - Collapsible Water Container
    Coghlans - Collapsible Water Container
    Special Price INR 810.00 Regular Price INR 900.00
  2. Coghlans - Collapsible Tumbler
    Coghlans - Collapsible Tumbler
    Special Price INR 630.00 Regular Price INR 700.00
  3. Coghlans - Emergency Drinking Water Tablet
    Coghlans - Emergency Drinking Water Tablet
    Special Price INR 517.50 Regular Price INR 575.00
  4. Coghlans - Cutlery Couvert
    Coghlans - Cutlery Couvert
    Special Price INR 414.00 Regular Price INR 460.00
  5. Coghlans - Water Filter
    Coghlans - Water Filter
    Special Price INR 2,340.00 Regular Price INR 2,600.00
  6. Coghlans - Camp Jug
    Coghlans - Camp Jug
    Special Price INR 828.00 Regular Price INR 920.00
  7. Coghlans - Fold-A-Cup
    Coghlans - Fold-A-Cup
    Special Price INR 310.50 Regular Price INR 345.00
  8. Coghlans - Camper Knife
    Coghlans - Camper Knife
    Special Price INR 558.90 Regular Price INR 621.00
  9. Coghlans - Folding Stove
    Coghlans - Folding Stove
    Special Price INR 756.00 Regular Price INR 840.00

9 Items

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