CRKT Knives

Columbia River Knife and Tools, popularly known as CRKT, are world renowned in creating innovative and top quality tools by working with the world’s leading knife designers. At KnifeIndia, we are proud to present you with the exquisite range of CRKT utilities directly from the experts.

CRKT is a brand associated with the manufacturing of tactical, EDC, pocket, survival, hunting knives and various multi-tools ideal for multiple applications such as bottle opener, spoon, fork, screwdriver and metric wrench. We present to you this gem of a collection from the popular brand in the form of a Multitool Eat’N Tool which proves to be a sole tool for many purposes.

This CRKT Multitool is made from the finest materials that do not deteriorate with time and is perfect to be in your pocket. They are organic and ergonomic shapes, sometimes whimsical, but always useful. These utility tools are a special gift to your friends and relatives. For outdoorsmen, these will be a sure shot choice to be taken along with wherever they go.

Put these CRKT utility tools in your hand, feel the texture, recognize the potential and go get your hands dirty.

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