Cold Steel

Cold Steel

KnifeIndia is privileged to present the Cold Steel range of products inclusive of knives, swords, rubber trainer, etc. We are happy to bring their authentic and world renowned products to you directly from the United States of America to adventurous and passionate people like you.

Our collection of Cold Steel knives includes push daggers, counter point 1 knife and rubber trainers. The push daggers include styles like mini pal, urban pal and safe maker II while rubber trainers have black bear classic, military classic, peace keeper and recon-tanto.

The Cold Steel push dagger comes with a Secure-Ex that features a lanyard clip to hang important keys on them. The rubber trainer is carefully fashioned to look as realistic as possible without looking or acting as dangerous as a real knife.

These Cold Steel knives are made from the finest stainless steel that doesn’t rust over time. The rubber trainer is made from supreme quality rubber and has a level of firmness that might cause injury to the face or the eyes without causing too much damage. It is highly recommended that appropriate eye protection or a fencing mask is used at all times when using it. The articles from the Cold Steel knife collection are used for self defense, cosplay, and for training purposes. as well.

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