Elk Ridge

Elk Ridge is a brand focused on hunting equipment and features hunting knives, skinners, game sets, machetes, axes, and even gentleman’s knives. KnifeIndia is privileged to present Elk Ridge utility tools crafted by experts and bring them to you directly from its source.

Our collection of utility tools includes Elk Ridge classic wood with dual blade which includes terrific piece of work done by its producers. This utility tool is a product of old world style and design but has its own charm that transports you to a totally new era. This Elk Ridge dual knife is made from the finest 440 stainless steel that doesn’t rust over time, making it a useful tool preferred by you on any trip or outing. It comes with a wooden handgrip that makes it perfect for a secure grip on it.

Knife collectors will have an eye on this piece of utility that proves to be multi functional for many applications. Keep these knives in your pocket and make your journey more secure and protected from any unforeseen emergencies.

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