KaBar (trademarked as KA-BAR) is a contemporary popular choice for knives especially multi-tools. KnifeIndia is happy to bring multi-tools from this big brand. We are now offering to you an extensive selection of classic side-apart outdoor dining kits. Our collection of KaBar fighting utility knives includes HOBO which is a perfect kitchen or dining set with 3 separate utensils including spoons, lock-back knives, forks and ballistic nylon sheathes.

KaBar knives are made from durable 420 stainless steel which does not get rusted over time and remain strong, shiny and resilient as new. It finds its best place on your dining table where it helps with its multifunctional features and adds glory to your decor with its presence. KaBar knives are the first choice in all the households because of its use as a multi-tool that can do the work of many appliances and tools in one. Knife collectors are eager to add these KaBar knives to the list of their collectibles and; we are having the most trusted brands producing them.

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