KnifeIndia proudly presents one of our favorite brand owners MTech, the leading manufacturer of knives used for self defense all around the world and are well known amongst knife enthusiasts. We are offering MTech survival knives as part of our self defense selection while encountering with unexpected emergencies.

Our antique collection of MTech extreme tactical knives includes Claw Neck, Dragon Claw, emergency knifes, Spider Neck, Zombie Defense and many more. Some of these products are folding and some are non-folding. Spider Neck knife for example, is one of the most authentic collectibles where the lower abdomen of the spider reveals a sharp edged knife with a fraction of a second.

Our collection of MTech products are made from the finest high carbonized stainless steel that doesn’t deteriorate or corrode. The handgrip of these products is made so that it is easy to handle and is ready for action within a fraction of a second. Some of these survival knives come with sheaths that protect you from getting injured.

There are people around the world who are enthusiastic about MTech products and if you are one of them, it’s the best place to visit and get a brand new knife exactly the kind you are looking for. Passionate people will find these gems in our collection that are perfect to be placed in Military-style home décor. Knife enthusiasts will have their first pick on this collection to pursue their passion towards collectibles.

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