Rite Edge

Rite Edge is hitting the knife market hard with its high quality hunting knives and accessories. KnifeIndia is proud to have Rite Edge as one of our brand selling survival knives. No one would want to encounter a dangerous situation in a forest without the proper equipment backing them up.

Our collection of Rite Edge knives includes Black Beauty and survival set that serve as assisted folding knives. These utility tools are revealed in quick time and have a comfortable grip thanks to its sleek design. The handle of these are made from ebony wood with an excellent finish. The survival set includes an LED flashlight to help see your way through the night.

Rite Edge knives are made from the finest quality of stainless steel and the aluminum handle is perfect for a secure grip. These assisted folding knives come with thumb stud opening and pocket clip, so that you don’t forget this important tool on any tour. Military personnel will definitely want these utilities to be added to their military home décor. These will prove to be an appreciable gift to any of your friends who more involved in outings or adventurous trips and will become a handy tool for self defense.

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