United Cutlery

United Cutlery is a brand engaged in the products for self defense, law enforcement etc, and is world renowned for its exquisite range of utility tools. At KnifeIndia, we are presenting various products of this brand to you directly from its origin.

Our collection of United Cutlery includes undercover combat knife and united defense impact Baton. This Undercover Combat knife has a tanto point and a partially serrated blade with a black finish. The handle features skeleton zed cutouts for weight reduction with one over-sized hole for a secure finger grip. The baton provides the carrier with a confident attitude that he or she carries a powerful deterrent to ward off any attacker.

The baton is constructed from heavy-duty black steel and features a rubberized, ridged handle for a superior grip and the combat knife is constructed of one solid piece of stainless steel which comes with a pocket clip enabling it to be hanged conveniently. Knife Enthusiasts will definitely want these United Cutlery utilities to be added to their collection. As these utilities are quickly revealed within fractions of seconds, they are the first choice of any knife lover.

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