KnifeIndia is privileged to introduce one of our brand merchandise, WINDLASS. Famous for swords, pocket folding knives, multitools, movie props, and other medieval arms, the seeds of this group were sown by a young Indian named Mr. Ved Prakash Windlass in the year 1941 when he started a small undertaking to supply Khukris to the British Gurkha regiment in the pre independence era of Indian history.

We at KnifeIndia are offering folding, cutlery and multi-tool knives from Windlass Steelcrafts. These knives are renowned for their strength and sharpness which adds to its authenticity. The materials used to produce these Windlass knives include high grade German stainless steel blades, bone scales, polished brass bolsters, all hand finished in a warm and elegant feel.

This exquisite range of Windlass knives is best for self defense as they are quickly revealed, used as multi-tool for many applications and becomes your sure shot partner for any forest trip. WINDLASS as a brand is a sure choice of any knife collector to choose something to be added to the list of their collectibles. If you are thinking for of any gift, then you have at the right place. Choose from the wide variety of collectibles at Collectors’ Heritage. 

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