Professional Laser Engraving (Laser Engraving option available only in Prepaid Order)

Want to make your Knife a prized possession or a perfect gift for anybody? At KnifeInda, we provide the opportunity to have your knife or any other metal item from our vast selection to be laser engraved with text or logo of your choice. Pricing for the same is Rs 250 per item for upto 8 characters.

Placing the order for laser engraving is very simple. On all items that we offer laser engraving services - you will see an options box to select the engraving. Select yes if you want to engrave the product - thereafter enter the text you want to be engraved and select the font from amongst the various choices we offer. Finally you can see how the engraving would look like on a sample knife image.

Please note that all orders for engraving are shipped out to our engraving partner who takes care of the work. From there we get the items back to our facilities wherein they are examined, neatly packed and dispatched to the customer. Hence, all engraving orders might require more time to be processed and reach you. SO in case you plan to gift it in time for an occassion please talk to our customer care executives to know more about the expected shiping date.

In case you want to know more about our Laser Engraving services please give us a call at +91-953-6666-677 or mail us at

* Kindly note that no returns will be accepted on personalsed knives.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I want to get a logo on my knife instead. Is that possible?

Yes, in case you intend to order 5 or more knives we can have them laser engraved with your logo. Please talk to our customer care executives for the same.

Can I get any text I'd like stamped on my knife?

Yes, whatever your heart desires. However, for inscription fonts, there is a limit of 30 characters due to the limited amount of space on the blade. We do not charge by the number of characters, so feel free to use as many (up to 30) as you'd like. Monogram fonts must be 3 letters.

What fonts do you offer? How can I see them?

We offer a total of ten fonts (five inscription fonts and five monogram fonts). The inscription fonts are Block, Clarendon, Cursive, Old English, Roman, and Script. All inscription fonts are available in lowercase or capital letters. If you'd like your inscription in capital letters, simply enter it in that form. The monogram fonts are Collegiate, Roman, Honor, Octogram, and Circle. Monogram fonts are available in capital letters. You can see the available fonts below or by selecting the "choose font style" option on the product page.

What is the cost to get my Knife Engraved?

We charge INR 250 for engraving upto 8 Characters. For simplicity and management we generally restrict this figure to 8 characters. However, if you are looking to make a bulk purchase or special orders we can engrave more length characters as well. 

I want to order 'x' pieces of the same knife. Can I have a different engraving for each of them?

Yes. Please add the items in your cart one by one entering different texts and fonts as desired.

In case you want to know more about our Laser Engraving services please give us a call at 91-753-1010-600 or mail us at

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