Karambits and Curved Blades

Here at KnifeIndia we are presenting the most exotic range of folding karambit and curved knives that have transformed from a small, curved ancient pocket tool to a modern utility and is perfect for activities like hunting, fishing, home repair, self defense and more.

Our collection of best karambit knives includes Dragon Claw, Tac-Force Karambits, Neck Knife, Future Talon Red knife, etc, which have the shape of a tiger's claw and a ring at the bottom of its handle and enables different carrying techniques for various uses to maximize your productivity and style.

This karambit knife is made from high finish carbon stainless steel which makes them useable for years longer. Some of these are made to be folded to make them convenient for you to keep close and can be used in action with a blink of an eye. These curved knives are used by military and non-military people as well and is an ideal addition to your military home décor.

The Karambit knives are perfect to be gifted to young enthusiasts as they are most attracted and passionate towards the curved shaped inspired from the tiger’s claw. Knife enthusiasts definitely want to add this knife to their list of collectibles. These can prove to be quite deadly for your opponent in support of your self defense.

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