Neck Knives

Neck Knives are perfect wearables for self defense and at KnifeIndia; we are presenting you with a wide range of these collectibles. These custom neck knives are usually tied around the neck with a chord or lanyard, making them easily accessible while hunting, fishing or hiking.

Our collection of knives for self defense includes Puma Neck Knife, Spider, Lynx, Pirate pendent, Military and Cougar Neck knife. They prove to be most handy when you are out in the wild or working at home and are useful and accessible tools to carry. The Spider neck knife is the most authentic one in which the abdomen of the spider pulls out a small knife with a stainless steel blade of 1”.

These military neck knives feature strong carbonized stainless steel and come with nylon wrapped around the handle for a good grip. They are very easy to conceal in case of an emergency and prove to be a masterpiece for self defense. If you are going out for some work or any adventurous tours, these articles will definitely help you out in case of any emergency because they come quickly in action.

These custom knives are perfect to make a gift for the outdoor men who are always out on the road. These antique articles are a must have for any costume for theme parties or Halloween parties. These eye catching collectibles are amongst the best available to enthusiasts like you and deserve a place in your collection.

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