Pen Knives

We at KnifeIndia are providing sleek and sharp looking pen knife that are easily concealed so you can take them with you just about anywhere. No one will think that this expensive looking writing instrument actually contains a pen knife that can be unsheathed very quickly and prove to be a perfect self defense tool at any moment of time.

Our collection of pocket pen knife includes executive pen knife and a foldable slim knife that comes with a pocket clip, giving them a daily wear utility look. These are very handy to have around, but be careful as they are sharp to an extreme point. These self defense pen knife come into action within a blink of an eye and are beneficial when you are out for some work.

This hidden pen knives are made from finished carbonized stainless steel which is great for opening letters or cutting coupons from the paper and can help you defend yourself in an emergency. The razor sharp blade slices things like butter and cuts through fabric easily. Useful around the house even as a trimming knife, it’s made of impact resistant plastic and stainless steel.

These pen knives are perfect for anyone, whether they are alone in the office or walking out of their car at night in a dark parking lot. It provides them with the confidence to get on without any fear. Businessmen will definitely want one pen knife to be in their pocket to become helpful at any moment of time. Knife collectors have their first pick on it and add glory to their collectibles.

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