Push Daggers

Push Daggers or T-Handled knives are proudly being presented by KnifeIndia to all knife enthusiasts and are designed for fast action, self defense. These Daggers knife though look small, possess considerable penetrative power because behind the point, lies the effective force of a shove, a push, or in most cases, a heavy punch which is perfect for any self defense.

Our collection includes cold steel mini pal, urban pal and safe maker knives which can be produced within an eye blink when they are kept in shoes and prove incredibly deadly in skilled hands. The user of these daggers is hugely benefited as their T-shape allows for greater application of leverage and force.

These Push Daggers are made from the high carbon stainless steel and come with a tough, Secure-Ex sheath, to safely house the blade yet make it available for instant access. The typical shape of a push knife is fairly universal, consisting of a blade that's made for heavy penetration, attached to a T-shaped handle that, when gripped, allows the blade to protrude out between the fingers.

This daggers collection is a must have for anyone who has affection towards creative knives. This is a great weapon to carry along with you, wherever you go, if only because they're so useful, both as a self-defense weapon and as a hardy little knife that allows you to put some serious force behind a functional little blade.

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