Self Defence Utilities

Self defense tools including the best survival knife are a common need of today as people travel far from their homes. If you are one of these people, you will need a utility knife product that can safeguard you from unforeseen emergencies. KnifeIndia presents a range of self defense weapons that will prove beneficial to you, if taken them along.

We are offering phone holder knives, executive defense tools and impact batons. In our section Knife for Self Defense, you will definitely find the right tool you are looking for. We have the best tactical knives that are also used by military personnel! In fact, some of them don’t look like knives at all but within a fraction of a second, you can use them to your defense.

This collection of self defense utilities is made from heavy duty black steel, a metal that does not change color, react with chemicals, bend or break over time. The phone holder is padded with ballistic nylon and heavy duty elastic sides, Velcro closure as well as a frame lock folder. The impact Baton is featured with a rubberized and ridged handle for superior grip. It is easily carried and rapidly deployed into action with a quick flick of the wrist.

These self defense utilities are a perfect gift to anybody who is a frequent visitor to unknown places and may need self defense weapons by their side. On first look, these are hidden tools don’t look like weapons, making them perfect for law enforcement personnel and other licensed people to take along. If you are a discerning weapon enthusiast, you will find this tool perfect to include in your collection.

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